Monday, September 5, 2011

What this blog is about

No, it's not a blog about the Rapture.

It's a blog about policy, more specifically economic policy.  In particular, it will be looking at policies that benefit the overwhelmingly vast majority of Americans, as opposed to just a tiny percentage, or a special interest.  While this country as a whole has grown and prospered for many years (until the last few years, beginning around 2007), when one drills down past the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), we find that most Americans have not shared in that growth.  This blog will discuss policies that will reverse that trend, and will critically examine policies that only make this trend worse.  It will in particular examine policies put forth by Republicans that claim to produce growth and jobs, looking at their track record and rationale.

Independents often characterize Democrats as people who want to take their money and give it to the undeserving.  They have been thus distracted away from others who have have taken their money and kept it for themselves.

We will look at policies that are not just meant to benefit the poor, but are meant to benefit almost everybody.  It seems appropriate to launch this blog on Labor Day.

The Format

Unlike some other blogs, we will probably not post every day.  We will probably post about once a week or so.  The idea is to encourage a lengthy comment period.

Comments are very encouraged.  You are especially encouraged to comment if you disagree with the posting.  But here are the rules.  Comments will be moderated.  A comment that is simply a flame or an ad hominem attack will not be published.  A comment that offers a critique of the posting will be responded to, at least by me.  I expect you to respond to my (or other's) response.  We want to create a dialogue.  Perhaps we'll all learn something.

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